ELUX is working together with partners to the design of the Respiro APP

Stefano Rinaldi - April 27, 2020

The APP Respiro is designed to provide a self-assessment tool for breathing frequency and quality of breathing. Since breathing can be strongly influenced by the subject, it was thought to precede the actual recording with some breathing exercises, which relax the subject and allow the sensors to be calibrated.

The APP is fully compliant with the eHealth Network directive, which outlines the guidelines for APPs for tracking. The key points of the normative are:

  • Full compliance with the EU regulation on the protection of personal data – GDPR -;
  • Approval by public health authorities;
  • Voluntary use and cancellation when no longer needed;
  • Based on the latest technological solutions to respect privacy;
  • Based on anonymous data;
  • Interoperability across the EU;
  • Based on best practices in cybersecurity and accessibility.