p.bellagente - December 19, 2018

The eLUX living laboratory is located into the engineering department area of the University of Brescia, Italy, Via Branze 38, and it is part of a bigger initiative to transform the current campus into a smart one. Up to now, main facilities are located in two main zones as highlighted in the figures below. All the buildings and facilities located in the red area of the Campus are fed by a private medium voltage (MV) electrical network, which is connected to the main grid by means of a MV Point of Delivery (POD). The electrical network is formed by five MV/LV (Medium to Low Voltage) substations, connected to the MV POD through a radial topology. Conversely, the students residence, called “residenze Emiliani” and located in the yellow area, is connected to a low voltage (LV) POD. The heart of eLUX is located in a building called “Modulo Didattico”, fed by the MV/ML substation n3. A single-mode fiber optic network (star topology) is dedicated to the automation of 6 medium voltage cabins and part of low voltage sections.

Modulo Didattico:

The building (rounded in red on the left of the picture) hosts 3 classrooms and 2 Computer Science laboratories.
Sperimentation plants:

  • Thermal plant (remote-heating and remote-cooling)
  • 10 kWp Photovoltaic Plant
  • 23.5 kWh e 20 kWp Molten Salt (Na-NiCl2) electric storage system
  • Environmental Monitoring (temperature, air quality)
  • Power Quality System
  • Electrical consumption and storage Monitoring and Control System
  • Weather Station
  • 22 kW Electric Vehicle recharging station
  • Experimentation of photovoltaic modules with integrated storage (Smart-PV Module)
  • LoRa gateway for data collection from environmental sensors and Smart Meter (Water, Electricity, Gas, district heating, ..)
  • Wi-Fi hotspot for IoT and Smart City applications
  • OPAL-RT real-time digital simulator with hardware-in-the-loop test capabilities
  • Data center
  • “BEST3” Building Envelope ouTdoor Thermal Test: system for verification and characterization of the energy performance of building products such as walls, windows, etc. (up to a maximum of 3 artifacts at the same time) under real operating conditions, ie in an external environment.

Residenze Ex-Emiliani:

The building (rounded in red on the right in the picture) host the CEDISU residence, the cafeteria and a bar. In the area are present also study halls, a gym, a polyfunctional room and computer halls for the residents.
Experimentation plants:

  • 64 kWp photovoltaic plant
  • 25.2 kWh and  13.8 kWp Li-ion(LiFePO4) Electrical storage System
  • Power Quality System
  • Electrical consumption and storage Monitoring and Control System

More detailed map into the official presentation: download the presentation

the eLux facilities rounded in red into the aerial view of the University of Brescia north campus
The systems of the “Modulo Didattico” smart building