p.bellagente - September 21, 2016

The eLUX lab has been transposed into a digital model in order to allow the data management of the construction and the life cycle of the building by the University of Brescia. On the basis of the available documents, it was possible to overcome the inconsistencies detected on documents applying an advanced survey by Terrestrial Laser Scanner (TLS) to enhance the knowledge of the geometric data of the building. The original design documentation, integrated with geometric information detected with the point cloud produced by the relief with TLS, were the input data for the creation of a BIM (Building Information Modeling). The BIM includes architectural, plant specification (HVAC system, plumbing, fire protection, electrical and anti-intrusion systems) and energy allowing to connect in a single digital environment geometric and alphanumeric data, and available documents. This model was also used for the construction of a BEM (Building Energy Modeling model) used to test the effects of different energy retrofit options to improve thermal performance. The BIM model also enables the management of the running phase of the building (Operation) and schedule maintenance works (Maintenance) of the asset (O & M). For the Operation purpose, the model can be used to verify the functionality of the systems and provide a prompt fault detection and as regard to the maintenances procedures it is possible to obtain a components’ substitution plan and archiving the works carried out on the same model within different temporal layers allowing an orderly management of the data. Moreover, the realization of the virtual model enhances the connection of data gathered from the installed sensors within the same repository going to set up a database for the overall management of the building towards progressive improved performance targets over time.

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