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The eLUX TEAM is composed of professors, researchers and students of 5 departments of the University of Brescia. Close interdepartmental collaboration allows eLUX to have the right skills in the right place to face the challenges of an increasingly integrated world. A Scientific Committee -SC- manages the research activities (see Organization)


Alessandra Flammini

Full Professor – DII SC president and Responsible of eLUX

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Simone Zanoni

Associate Professor – DIMI SC Vice-president

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Marco Pasetti, PhD

Researcher- DII SC Secretary

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Lucio Zavanella

Full Professor- DIMI SC UniBS Energy Manager

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Alberto Arenghi

Associate Professor – DICATAM SC

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Angelo Ciribini

Full Professor – DICATAM SC

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 Giorgia Oggioni, PhD

Assistant Professor – DEM SC

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Giorgio Pedrazzi

Assistant Professor – DIGI SC

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Stefano Rinaldi, PhD

Assistant Professor- DII SC

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Paolo Ferrari, PhD

Associate Professor- DII

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Barbara Angi, PhD

Researcher – DICATAM

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Paolo Bellagente, PhD

Researcher – DII

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Federico Bonafini

Researcher – DII

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Beatrice Marchi

Researcher – DIMI

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Flavio Simoncini

Researcher – DII

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Lavinia Chiara Tagliabue, PhD

Researcher – DICATAM

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Marc Sachot

Visiting Student – ECAM LYON Engineer School (FR)

Theo Ducret

Visiting Student – INSA LYON Engineer School (FR)

Diouf Alioune Badara

Visiting Student – INSA LYON Engineer School (FR)

Jérémy Le Golvan

Visiting Student – INSA LYON Engineer School (FR)

Mathieu Porretta

Visiting Student – CPE Lyon (FR)

Alexandre Boulet

Visiting Student – CPE Lyon (FR)

Etienne Keravel

CENTRALE LYON Engineer School (FR)

Guillaume De La Roque

Visiting Student – (FR)



Student Thesis Title Cycle

Fernandes Carvalho Dhiego

 Paolo Bellagente  The Internet of Things as a Platform for Health and Care Applications XXX


Student Type Thesis Title Year
Matteo Salvalai BSc Z-Wave gateway integration for vocal control of IoT Nodes 2018/2019
Davide Crescini BSc Experimental analysis of an Home Automation Vocal Assistant 2017/2018
Andrea Scalvini BSc Vehicle fleet management by means of a ERP framework 2017/2018
Mirko Magri MSc Design and development of a management system for distributed electrical resources for electrical vehicle charging 2017/2018
William Vitari BSc Z-Wave gateway for building automation 2014/2015
Mattia Bertoli BSc Design and implementation of a case for an electrical vehicle datalogger 2017/2018
Daniele Grassi BSc Smart parking system for the management of electrical vehicle charging deadlocks 2016/2017
Luca Depedri BSc IPCAM-based IoT system for monitoring people flows in cognitive buildings 2016/2017
Flavio Simoncini MSc Design and development of Central Plant Controller with IEC61850 interface for management of photovoltaic plants and electrical storage systems 2015/2016
Francesco Camossi BSc Design and development of a gateway for electrical vehicles 2015/2016
Mattia Sandrini BSc Implementation of a gateway with IoT interface for smart buildings 2015/2016
Giacomo Calvetti BSc Evaluation of a PLT communication system for renewable sources 2014/2015
Matteo Pinelli BSc Development of a bluetooth low energy smart plug with interface for Android smartphones 2015/2016
Luca Cappellazzi BSc BLE sensors integration into cognitive buildings by means of an IoT gateway 2015/2016
Andrea Tiberti BSc Sviluppo di un gateway Wi-Fi per edifici cognitivi 2015/2016


Hossam FaragPhD Candidate Mid Sweden University, Sundsvall (SE)Feb-May2018

Priority-Aware Wireless Fieldbus Protocol for Mixed-Criticality Industrial Wireless Sensor Networks

Name Institution Period Year Topic
Martin Bruno CENTRALE LYON Engineer School (FR)  Mar-May 2018


Julien Polloni CENTRALE LYON Engineer School (FR)  Mar-May 2018

SCADA integrated monitoring station for  PV parameters

Florian De Simone CENTRALE LYON Engineer School (FR)



Implementation of a LABView supervision system of a PV Plant with electrical storage sytem

 Akila Hasanthinee Wijethunga  University of Peradeniya, Kandy  April-July  2017

Day ahead forecast for smart grid automation