eLUX is part of the Italian Digital Hub DIHCUBE

The research project ‘Digital Italian Hub for ConstrUction and Built Environment (DIHCUBE)’, directed by Professor Angelo Luigi Camillo Ciribini, has been financed within the framework of the Call: DIGITAL-2021-EDIH-01-INITIAL – Initial Network of European Digital Innovation Hubs, funded by the European Union. DIHCUBE is the project for an Italian digital hub for construction and the […]

Project MoSoRe@UniBS completed

The activities of the project “Infrastructures and Services for Sustainable and Resilient Mobility – MoSoRe@Unibs”, financed by the Lombardy Region with POR FESR 2014/2020 funds (Call HUB Open Innovation https://www.openinnovation.regione.lombardia.it/it/bandi-e-sperimentazioni/call-hub-ricerca-e-innovazione), have come to an end. The project, with UNIBS as lead partner, has involved the eLUX Laboratory from the beginning of 2020 to date on […]

eLUX into PNRR

eLUX will be part of the National Centre for Sustainable Mobility (PNRR-CN4 Mission 4, Component 2, Investment 1.4), within Spoke 5 ‘Light Vehicle and Active Mobility’ and Spoke 7 ‘CCAM: Connected Networks and Smart Infrastructure’. In the former case, eLUX will host a new area dedicated to sustainable charging stations for light vehicles with a […]

RSE Seminar: Hydrogen in our energy future: objectives, state of the art, barriers

Thursday 17 March 2022 h 14:00-16:00 at the Aula Consiliare of the Engineering area of our University will take place the seminar: Hydrogen in our energy future: objectives, state of the art, barriers Speaker: Luigi Mazzocchi (Director of the “Materials and Generation Technologies” Department), RSE The Seminar, mainly addressed to PhD students, is available for […]

Ricerca eLUX nella TOP30 degli articoli più citati degli ultimi 36 mesi.

L’articolo Marco Pasetti, Stefano Rinaldi e Daniele Manerba” A Virtual Power Plant Architecture for the Demand-Side Management of Smart Prosumers”, Appl. Sci. 2018, 8(3), 432; https://doi.org/10.3390/app8030432 – 13 Mar 2018, è nella TOP30 degli articoli più citati degli ultimi 36 mesi della rivista internazionale Applied Science. E’ importante sottilineare come il lavoro di ricerca sia stato concepito […]

ABB and eLUX consolidate the ABB-University of Brescia collaboration

ABB and the University of Brescia have several years of active collaboration. The partnership will be now strengthened by the active participation of ABB in the education of university students and qualified graduates, collaborating with master’s and doctoral courses and establishing scholarships. ABB is an active part in conducting studies and research aimed at technological […]

H2020 ICCEE: Improving Cold Chain Energy Efficiency

We would like to congrats with Professor Simone Zanoni to the success of the project ICCEE – Improving Cold Chain Energy Efficiency which has been financed by the European Union with the call H2020-LC-SC3-EE-2018.

18/01/2019 Smart Grids and IoT: perspectives, state of research and experimentation in progress in the new eLUX laboratory

Speaker presentations: Prof. Alberto Berizzi: Smart grids per l’integrazione delle rinnovabili nei sistemi elettrici Dott. Romano Ambrogi: Infrastrutture ICT per le smart grids Team eLUX: L’approccio sperimentale di eLUX: smart grids, storage, veicoli elettrici, Internet delle cose, data center ed edifici cognitivi Program PDF: download Program of the day (the event will be held in italian): 14:00 – […]

Public Presentation of eLUX and the Interdepartmental Laboratories of the University

Friday, December 7, 2018 in the Aula E of Medicine (viale Europa 11) will be held the public presentation of the University Interdepartmental Laboratories. The event will start at 9:00 with the greetings of the Rector and the introduction of the Delegate to the research Prof. Marina Pizzi. The following laboratories will be presented: – […]

eLUX in the Innovation platform and the Competence Center for Industry 4.0

CSMT, together with the University of Brescia and the Order of Engineers of Brescia, under the patronage of AIB, Apindustria, Brescia Chamber of Commerce and innexHUB, is pleased to present the event “THE TECHNOLOGICAL POLO, THE PLATFORM OF INNOVATION AND THE COMPETENCE CENTER FOR INDUSTRY 4.0 “. It will be an opportunity to learn about […]