ABB and eLUX consolidate the ABB-University of Brescia collaboration

p.bellagente - April 23, 2019

ABB and the University of Brescia have several years of active collaboration. The partnership will be now strengthened by the active participation of ABB in the education of university students and qualified graduates, collaborating with master’s and doctoral courses and establishing scholarships.

ABB is an active part in conducting studies and research aimed at technological innovation in the fields of energy and automation. Training activities are also provided for the achievement of an increasingly high level of culture, favouring their professional updating through contacts and collaborations with university structures and resorting to the use of courses of which the University will be the guarantor.

For its part, the University will set up initiatives to improve students’ academic and professional training, also experimenting with new teaching methods and carrying out supplementary activities that involve the use of ABB research laboratories. The contribution of ABB will consist in the use of technical and scientific equipment and skills for carrying out various activities, with particular regard to theses, projects, studies and research at completion of educational activities, laboratory exercises, as well as organising group visits, meetings and seminars in various locations to explore specific topics.

The collaboration between the University of Brescia and ABB had already produced excellent results in recent years, with the publication of various speeches at IEEE congresses. In 2013, the University of Brescia was awarded one of the “ABB Research Grants”, winning 40 industrial research projects of excellence at a global level. In all these cases, the focus of the activities was always placed on communication networks, both wired and wireless, made in industrial automation. The new agreement stipulated with companies in other sectors, with particular attention to the activities of the eLUX university laboratory, such as microgrids, or low or medium voltage power supply networks to operate independently from the electricity distribution network for the needs.

A collaboration that has everything in order to be increasingly profitable.