Software for the risk analysis of COVID-19 presented to the Municipality of Brescia

Stefano Rinaldi - April 28, 2020

The eLUX lab designed a prototypal software, which works on local data to protect citizens privacy, capable of:

  • Address geocoding (the service is currently partial and a service from our eLUX geocoding laboratory is under construction)
  • “Anonymize” the address, i.e. to relate it to the center of the census section to which it belongs
  • Produce a report available for doctor of general medicine, for services and for research (e.g. distribution of positives, distribution of the healed, distribution of the deceased, distribution of the hospitalized, …)
  • Produce a heatmap at  a precise date (programmable)
  • Receive sets of addresses from a community (e.g. a business department with people working in the same environment, a section of a school, a dance class, people who often frequent the waiting rooms of the same doctor, …) and return an index linked to the risk exposure of that community by affinity of home address, respecting the privacy of the individual members of the community, as well as the positives.

The demo to the Municipality, with testing and real data provided by them, will be held on Tuesday 28 April at 11 am.

The demo with only the testing data will be repeated for those who wish on Tuesday 28 April at 16:30 and Wednesday 29 April at 16:30.

Here is the link of the demo: