p.bellagente - September 21, 2016

The team is able to develop mathematical models for efficient energy systems and a low-carbon economy and methods and algorithms, pursuing the following objectives:

  • Analyse the impact of environmental regulations, in particular the European-Union Emissions Trading System (EU-ETS) and the other targets imposed by the Energy Roadmap 2050 to the aim of decarbonising energy systems and energy-intensive industries;
  • Analyse the impacts of renewable energy integration in the electricity markets with a particular focus on electricity prices, energy production, investment in new generation capacity, and reserve procurement to guarantee security of supply and real time balance;
  • Develop green supply chain models, based on a closed-loop supply chain network, that account for waste recycling, carbon emission limits, and the efficient use of resources. A closed-loop supply chain includes raw material suppliers, manufacturers, retailers, consumers, and recovery centers.

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