eLUX is part of the Italian Digital Hub DIHCUBE

p.bellagente - April 11, 2023

The research project ‘Digital Italian Hub for ConstrUction and Built Environment (DIHCUBE)’, directed by Professor Angelo Luigi Camillo Ciribini, has been financed within the framework of the Call: DIGITAL-2021-EDIH-01-INITIAL – Initial Network of European Digital Innovation Hubs, funded by the European Union. DIHCUBE is the project for an Italian digital hub for construction and the built environment elaborated by a cluster of 12 partners and candidate to become part of the Initial Network of European Digital Innovation Hubs. The demand for digital innovation expressed by the sector, which the Pole intends to satisfy, is both to strengthen action in the first widespread digitalisation, in view of the backwardness of the sector itself, and to provide highly specialised consultancy for certain niche uses, also envisaging a path to significantly increase the digital maturity of enterprises and public administrations. Skills development will therefore be central by defining innovative processes for analysing training needs closely related to the skills required by companies and on orientation and skills assessment actions aimed at both workers in the sector and young people interested in entering this market. Finally, in order to improve the type of services to be offered, the Cluster plans to set up thematic clusters that will assist the Cluster in raising the market’s awareness of digital aspects by gathering its needs.