European Researchers’ Night 2016

p.bellagente - September 27, 2016

Friday, September 30th 2016 in about 300 cities all around Europe will be celebrate the 11th anniversary of most famous scientific event of the world: the “European Researchers’ Night”.
Also eLUX will partecipate at the event with the University of Brescia that, with the support of the Municipality of Brescia, partecipate in the event organized by the European Commission. The goal is to sensitize the citizenry, especially the youth, to the research topic, to get them closer at this world often lived as abstract and distant from the every day life. We want to stimulate the consciousness of the importance of the research and of the healthy impact on the society and individuals.
For further information please refer to the official program reporte on the university website: full program (in italian)