PROJECT – Brescia Smart Living – 2015-2019

p.bellagente - September 19, 2016

The “Brescia Smart Living” project aims to broaden the concept of Smart Grid, typically focused on the energy distribution networks, including services and resources distribution as a function of actual citizen needs. The enabling technology is an integrated platform acting on city, neighborhood, street, home and individual levels. The access to such a network has to be free, exploiting and harmonizing the different networks of smart meters (existing or to be installed) into a single hybrid communication infrastructure. The project aims to meet the needs of citizens not only in terms of technological advancements, but considering economic, social, psychological aspects as well. Indeed, citizens needs range from the supply of electricity, gas, water and heating, to street lighting, waste disposal, public safety and welfare services, preserving the environment. These are the targeted areas, according to a highly modular approach, which enables the reuse of (even partial) results. Such an integration could be further extended in the near future including pulic transportation systems, health and education services and all the services that the citizens exploit and require. The hope is that future evolution will occur in both the horizontal (i.e. towards other urban scenarios) and vertical (i.e. new services) directions.