p.bellagente - September 18, 2016

eLUXEnergy Laboratory as University eXpo- is the pilot building in the Brescia Smart Campus grown in project SCUOLA (Smart Campus As Urban Opan Lab). The project, born from an inter-department collaboration started in the 2014, involves 5 Departments of the University of Brescia:

Starting from the “Modulo” building in the Engineering Campus, eLUX is not only the Health&Wealth lab working as experimental field for energy saving projects, use of renewable energies, innovative technologies, smart grid, and building automation. Above all, eLUX is an educational expositive eco-building scheduled for a 24 h profile of use and thus always open and available. eLUX is where “learnscape” takes place, and events to promote experimental experiences and augmented knowledge are enabled. Moreover the users/students’ experience will be the core material to implement the concept of “cognitive building” to deliver tailored services for you. eLUX could dialog with digital interfaces and will adapt itself learning by the users which are learning in the eLUX spaces in a virtuous loop of advanced knowledge.