p.bellagente - November 29, 2018

The S3 project (Smart Security System) wants to develop and validate an innovative access control and environmental monitoring system that can be easily interfaced with video door entry devices, locks and domotic control units available on the market, integrating sensors and environmental control systems with biometric fingerprint detection devices to validate accesses and provide remote assistance in case of need.


By means of the analysis of the state of the art of potentially interconnectable devices on the market, we want to create a security and monitoring filtering network, able to manage accesses and alert systems starting from the access which face the public street, passing through the main entrance of the housing unit, up to the surveillance of the activities that take place inside the local unit,  adopting an incremental degree of safety as the user is approached.

The goal is to structure a “Security Net” that will allow the creation of physical barriers of  access limitation, able to interact with those who will be actively enabled to access, but also managed by third parties through remote configuration.

The increase in intrusion attempts for theft or fraud, especially to the detriment of seniors and vulnerable individuals, sees the bad guys often presenting themselves as service operators (law enforcement agencies, health workers, technicians of companies that manage households) making necessary the effective verification of the identity of the person who presents himself at the front door.

Through an interconnection structure that uses elements widely present in our homes such as electric locks, video intercoms, wired or wi-fi internet connections, integrated with smart plugs for environmental monitoring, with the help of a smartphone (now in the pocket of anyone present in front of a house) the user will be able to identify who requires access to a condominium or a housing unit.

The management of data in the Cloud, crossed with databases shared with companies that provide services for users and public safety and emergency operations centres (open data), will allow to apply a safety filtering network to protect the most vulnerable.

Thanks to a non-invasive approach and independent from complex network structures, by means of weareable devices and environmental sensors, the S3 system will be able to distinguish a potentially dangerous situation, allowing to monitor the subject who, thanks to an identification technology developed by Beretta, may in case of need be rescued by acquaintances or authorised operators for whom access will be temporarily enabled.

Thanks to the development of the project the following results can be obtained:

  • fraud reduction due to the possibility of identifying the operators at the door;
  • reduction of unauthorised access by identifying operators and activating additional blocking devices;
  • improvement of the surveillance of fragile individuals thanks to environmental monitoring through smart plug and remote assistance;
  • rationalisation of the access control system to interdicted and restricted areas;
  • virtual concierge service for condominiums.

The end-users of the project are:

  • private residential houses
  • condominiums
  • hotels
  • hospitals
  • protected communities
  • production departments and management offices in the industry and services sector