eLUX join the Me.S.E. Consortium

p.bellagente - March 20, 2018

The University of Brescia has recently approved the entrance into the Intercollegiate Consortium Me.S.E. (Metriche e tecnologie di misura sui Sistemi Elettrici – Metrics and measurement technologies on Electrical Systems) appointing Prof.ssa Alessandra Flammini, Director of the eLUX laboratory, as official representative.
The Consortium conducts research about metrics and measurement technologies on electrical systems, with particular reference to the determination and measurement certified and traceable to the characteristics of voltage and electricity supplied, and their relative quality, and to quantify the cost not of quality. It also promotes the transfer of research results to organizations and industries for enhanced applications, including in relation to local realities of each unit.
Further details about the consortium are available in the official website: https://www.consorzio-mese.it/it/