Brescia 20-20-20

p.bellagente - November 29, 2018

Project Brescia 20-20-20 aims to promote energy savings, energy efficiency and CO2 emission reduction in the Brescia territory. The reference for these actions are the “20-20-20” targets, which were internationally established at european level into the 2009/29/CE directive. The application of these objectives in the energy and environmental fields to local organisations is particularly advantageous, it allows a valorisation of the capability of the territory itself and an efficient use of its available resources. In particular, these objectives allow us to define long-term energy choices that would result in an improvement not only of the environment and the well-being of the population, but also of industrial productivity. Brescia in fact, thanks to the farsighted choices in the energy field, has peculiarities that potentially allow it to efficiently achieve outstanding results. By means of the collaborations with involved industrial and administrative partners, situations to be analysed will be identified. In relation to the evolution of the distribution services market opportunities to optimize energy consumption will be investigated, processes, algorithms, technologies, behaviors and in general those tools that will be considered effective in order to achieve the identified objectives will be proposed and developed, with important repercussions and enormous opportunities also for end users. The Brescia 20-20-20 project has a two-year duration with an expected start on 01 January 2016.